I got drunk and had sex with my female friend, what do i tell my husband

When I worked for Earlsfield escorts, I knew that I had a slight problem with alcohol and I tried to stay away from it. When I left Earlsfield escorts and got married, I was honest enough to tell my husband about my problem. He did offer to pay for counselling but it was not what I needed. I just told him to keep an eye on me instead and that is what I did. That was all going fine until he went away on business for a week, and I ended up getting drunk with a girlfriend from Earlsfield escorts of https://acesexyescorts.com/earlsfield-escorts/.


During our time at Earlsfield escorts, we both knew that we fancied each other. I was madly in love with her but she already had a really hot and exciting bisexual partner working for another Earlsfield escorts service. Let put it this way, we both wanted to be faithful to our partners so we did not let our feelings get the better of us. After I left the agency, we saw less of each other but we still kept in touch using text, and met up for the odd cup of coffee.


The problem is that I live in this great big house in the Bloomsbury area of Earlsfield. When my husband goes away for a few days, the house starts to feel kind of spooky and I don’t like being here on my own. This time, my husband was away for a week, and I missed him like mad. Without thinking of the circumstances, I invited my friend from Earlsfield escorts around. She knew from Earlsfield escorts that I liked a drink, so she brought a bottle of wine with her.


Okay, I know that I should not have succumbed but I did. One glass led to another glass, and that was it. My friend had recently split up with her partner, and we ended up talking about the good old times with Earlsfield escorts. All women like to touch, and the truth is that it felt really good to touch my old friend from the Earlsfield escorts agency that I had worked for. In the end, we ended up having lesbian sex and it was great. We really did satisfy each other.


The only problem is that I feel terrible about it now. I have not told my husband as I am not sure what he would say. I know that I did not have sex with another woman, but at the same time, it was not the right thing to do. My friend says that it is okay as it was a one night thing. But, I am not sure that it was a one night thing. I still feel that I want to be with her. It is not right and I do wonder if I should tell my husband that I might just need some female companionship from time to time. I am not so sure how he would feel about that. He does satisfy me, but getting satisfaction from another woman is something really special.

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